Zebracrossing e.V.

Zebracrossing e.V. creates new perspectives

The association Zebracrossing e.V. was founded after Luisa Natiwi participated in the kick-off event for the Africa focus "Africome" of the Federal Agency for Civic Education in Berlin in February 2004

Luisa Natiwi was born in Karamoja Province in northeastern Uganda and knows the country's problems. She was the first Karamajong to attend a mission school and subsequently train to become a teacher. This twist of fate was and is both a motivation and an incentive for her. To stand up for people for whom it is impossible by their own efforts to give their own lives a happy turn under the difficult living conditions in Uganda.

Zebracrossing e.V. has set itself the clear goal of creating perspectives for the inhabitants of Karamoja. In the foreground of the work is the creation of professional prospects. Therefore one pursues the long-term goal to establish a "life-learning school". The property with a surface area of 100,000 square meters was already financed and purchased by Zebracrossing.

The motto is "Give us a fishing rod instead of 1000 fish, so that we can take care of ourselves!"

We have been supporting the association and the projects on a voluntary basis since spring 2014. In addition to consulting, we designed and programmed the new website.

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